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Christopher Charles Benninger, CCBA Designs Pvt. Ltd. won the award in the 'Industrial Facilities' classification for Krohne Marshall. PS Architects won the award in the 'Interior-Residential' category for the Pavillion Home. Ar. Vivek Singh Rathore, Salient Architects and Ar. Amit Aurora, Group DCA were declared joint winners in the 'Interior - Non Residential' category for their jobs Fanattic Sports Museum and Office for Communique Marketing Solutions respectively. Ar. Madhav Joshi, Madhav Joshi & Associates won the award for Backpacker's Hostel in the 'Hospitality and Entertainment' classification. Ar. Sidhartha Talwar (from Studio Lotus) and Ar. Anubhav Gupta (from GPL Design Studio) won the award in 'Conservation classification' for Envision Studio at The Trees.What type of
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education do you need to pursue a profession in interior creating? Go to Northern Arizona Univerity in Flagstaff, AZ where you can get Bachelors Degree in Interior Decoration. Exists a mix of architecture and interior decoration? What is the shell density of a fiberglass pool? Are interior designers and designer are comparable? No, definitely not as interior designer describes designing of home, office, etc and style designer refers to designing of clothing. Can commerce trainees do interior designing?We are Findlay
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