A Closer Look At Fear

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The teachings of Yoga show us to look within for answers and solutions to obstacles; but there are matters that people do not want to look at, and there are matters we cannot change. Many people do not want to look directly at the source of their inner fears. A meditation session, devoted to looking at our phobias, might not be fruitful - unless we have professional guidance. How can we deal with the fear of loss, death, or evil? Similar meanings can be found within Holy Books of all religions, but let's look closely at this particular Psalm. The answer is that we all have fears, and they fill us with dread; but even in the worst of times, our spiritual faith is near. This is a universal theme in all religions. Yet, many people fear danger and terror inspired by extremists. Some extremists are politically based and others are religious fundamentalists. The problem is how to logically deal with those who seek to divide us.

Politics and religion are volatile subjects. If we learn anything about humanity's historical mistakes, it should be how to prevent another Hitler or Stalin. Millions of people can be swept up, into a fury of hate and fear, by world leaders who are mentally unstable. Our solution is to participate in the democratic process. If we leave it to someone else, we have much to fear. In the case of fearing loss: I'm sorry, but we are all temporary "custodians of wealth." Even the rich cannot take wealth with them to the after life. We can, and we should, take action to maintain the quality of life for our family; but when fears about the loss of money become an obsession, it is unhealthy. Fear of losing a loved one is also unhealthy. Fear of loss can create chronic stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and possibly death. Yoga teaches one to balance thoughts, problems, and emotions for better health. Any form of Yoga can help a person in the darkest of times. Fear of death is a major concern of many people but let's look at this exact fear closely. Do we have a choice? Can we escape death? Can we become immortal? Once again, I'm sorry, but from the moment we were born, we were destined to pass on into the next life. We do not have a choice. Yet, we can make the most of the time we are here. We can show appreciation to everyone we meet. Yoga teaches us to live in the present. Enjoy what you have and let those you love know it.

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Sorry to interrupt - we’re sure you’re probably in the middle of watching an old VHS (VH-what now?) tape of the 1988 Vice Presidential debate. Or perhaps you’re simply catching up on all those saved DVR recordings of C-Span programming. All right, so maybe it’s more likely that you’re ramming your head repeatedly into a cactus. But politics are indubitably important. In fact, it is arguably the most vital science for us to wrap our heads around, as it affects everything around us - our education, our health care, our laws, and our quality of fodder for stand-up comedians. George Orwell understood that, to communicate his strong convictions about the world of politics to the common man, he would need to come down to his level. And rather than simply ‘dumb down’ his arguments, he chose to utilize the tool of humor to make people sit up and take notice.